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Instructions for use of internet site kontakti.lv

  • SIA „TeleMedia” maintains, coordinates and organizes work on the internet site www.kontakti.lv and on all other internet sites, which are the property of SIA „TeleMedia” and/or the right of use of the domain name of which  is registered in the name of SIA „TeleMedia”; hereinafter all this sites referred to as - kontakti.lv
  • Informative basic services, provided by the kontakti.lv are free of charge, but technical, specific or other type of services provided by kontakti.lv, as well as services offered by the partners of kontakti.lv, distributed or provided using the internet site kontakti.lv, may be provided for fee.
  • The user of kontakti.lv is any natural person or legal entity using services, provided by kontakti.lv, visiting kontakti.lv and/or publishing (sends or places) contents. 


  • The contents (materials), published and placed on kontakti.lv are protected pursuant to the Copyright Law of the Republic of Latvia. Any copying, modification, storage, archiving and full or partial publication of materials published on kontakti.lv is strictly prohibited without written permit from kontakti.lv. 
  • Publishing of materials
  • The user of kontakti.lv shall be responsible that his/her published (i.e. sent an/or placed) contents on kontakti.lv (including, but not limited to sensitive materials, comments, video or any other product of creative intellectual activity of natural person), hereinafter referred to as – the materials, are of legal origin, and that the user is liable to use these materials and to use them in such manner.  
  • The user shall be liable for the consequences resulting out of publication, sending or placement of such materials on kontakti.lv.
  • It is prohibited to publish, place on kontakti.lv or send to other users non-published information pursuant to the normative acts, including, but not limited to:

1. the materials (including video and audio materials) in the result of publishing or sending of which the intellectual property rights of the third parties are either affected or violated;
2.  the materials injuring the person’s pride and honour, and is against , ir pretēja labiem tikumiem;
3.  the materials appealing to violence, race-hatred or other illegal activity.  

  • After stating placement of such information Kontakti.lv shall be liable to delete these materials immediately, as well as to delete account of the publisher of such materials and/or prohibit access to kontakti.lv to the publisher.
  • The user shall reserve the copyright and any other right owned by the users in respect of the materials (submitted, placed or published on kontakti.lv during use of services). When publishing, submitting, placing the materials on the internet site kontakti.lv, and accepting the present instructions for use of kontakti.lv, the user at the same time provides kontakti.lv (SIA „TeleMedia”) with irrevocable, ordinary licence with no fixed term, which is valid throughout the world and requires no royalty fee. The licence shall permit kontakti.lv to display, adapt, modify, translate, publish, fulfil, display or distribute on public, to make available any materials, published by the user on kontakti.lv.
  • The user shall give his/her consent that when making the necessary technical activities to ensure its clients with services kontakti.lv is liable to forward and distribute the materials in different public networks and different information medias, to make such amendment to the contents of the materials, which are necessary to coordinate and adjust the materials to the technical requirements of the networks, equipment and services and media activity. The user shall agree that the licence ensures kontakti.lv with such rights.
  • The user shall acknowledge and guarantee that the user has all the necessary rights and powers to issue the said licence.
  • kontakti.lv shall not be liable for the materials published by the users on kontakti.lv and/or mutually sent materials and consequences resulting hereof.
  • kontakti.lv shall not be liable for the technical problems on the site kontakti.lv, changes in the user’s materials due to the illegal access by the third party. kontakti.lv shall not be liable for any type of loss caused to the users  regarding services of kontakti.lv or materials published by other user on the internet site.
  • The user shall be liable to make all the necessary activities to ensure protection of legal interests of kontakti.lv against all possible claims and complaints from the third parties or against the claims, which may be raised against kontakti.lv by the users of the internet site.
  • kontakti.lv shall be liable to limit or prohibit the user access to the internet site, to delete any information without prior notice.
  • When using kontakti.lv systems the user shall be obligated to observe requirement of the Personal Data Protection Law and the Copyright Law, as well as the instructions for use of SIA „TeleMedia” systems. The user shall be prohibited to use any automated systems or equipment (robots) for access to the system without written coordination with SIA „TeleMedia”. The database is of informative nature and has no legal effect. Access to the services is provided to the authorized user of kontakti.lv. The information is of informative nature and has no legal effect. The information sources: Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia, SIA „TeleMedia” database, Lursoft databases, State Land Service, SIA Latvijas vēstnesis. Trademarks, logotypes and other graphical images placed in the catalogue are the property of the respective companies. SIA „TeleMedia” shall not be liable for the activities or decisions based on the received service.

Other provisions

  • The instructions for use of the internet site shall be obligated for each service user without reference to whether she/he creates users account on the internet site or not.  
  • Kontakti.lv reserves the right to amend the present instructions at sole discretion and at any time, and the amendments shall become effective once they are published on kontakti.lv.
  • If the user fails to observe the present instructions, the violator shall be brought to civil, administrative or criminal trial according to the nature or consequences of violation.
  • If the user wished to use the materials available on kontakti.lv, he/she has to contact representatives of kontakti.lv by writing to the e-mail address info@kontakti.lv.

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